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1. What is Plenty Reasons?
Plenty Reasons company was established in 2016 as the first online plant-based butcher in Poland, a store where you can buy delicious meat substitutes. Our products are Polish-made, created from scratch according to our own recipes.
2. Who's behind Plenty Reasons?
The founders of Plenty Reasons are cousins, Rafał Czech and Igor Sadurski. To start the production of delicious Meatless products, they organized a crowdfunding campaign, which was supported by a whopping 1577 people!
3. Are the products offered by Plenty Reasons 100% plant-based??
That's right! Our products are 100% plant-based. This means that we exclusively use vegan ingredients, without any animal-derived products! Moreover, the materials needed for manufacturing and packaging our products, such as casings, films, cardboard, etc., are also always vegan.
4. How were the recipes for Plenty Reasons products developed?
Initially, Igor and Rafał developed the first recipes themselves. This led to the creation of Meatless Bacon, Pepperoni, Herb Ham, Country Sausages, and more. As Plenty Reasons expanded, we decided to hire a dedicated food technologist to focus on quality and the development of new recipes for the brand. This technologist now works closely with Rafał on recipe development and implementation.
5. How to make a purchase?
Ordering our Meatless products is incredibly easy! Simply add your desired items (such as a selected package, Meatless Bacon, or Meatless Pepperoni) to your virtual cart, proceed to payment using one of our convenient methods, and then await your package. You can always check the Delivery section for the latest information on upcoming shipments.
6. Are you experiencing any issues completing the payment?
If you were unable to complete the payment process, don't worry! Check your email inbox, the one you provided during the order placement, for a link from our payment operator, Autopay. This link will redirect you to complete the payment for your order. Please note that this email might end up in your spam folder.
7. How do you ship your products?
Safety during transportation is very important to us! We ship Plenty Reasons products in special thermal boxes to maintain the proper temperature inside the package. Additionally, during hot weather in the summer, we include a special cooling insert. We've also selected a courier service that ensures packages arrive at the customer's door as soon as possible after shipping! We deliver our orders in styrofoam boxes, which guarantee the maintenance of the proper temperature during transportation.
8. Where do you ship your products?
You can now order our products in Germany, Czech Republic and Poland!
9. How is the production process and the quality of finished products controlled?
Each product is regularly tested in an accredited laboratory – microbiological tests, storage tests, and random checks for the presence of animal-derived ingredients are conducted. During each production run, critical control points (CCPs) are established at all stages of the process to eliminate undercooked, underweight, or otherwise substandard products.
10. What is the shelf life of the products?
Plenty Reasons products typically have a minimum shelf life of two weeks from the date of delivery, provided they are stored under refrigeration conditions. However, most packages contain products with a shelf life of approximately one month. Once opened, they should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed as soon as possible, although this is usually not a problem for most people. Please note: Burgers and Fishless Cutlets have a shorter shelf life (10-12 days from the date of delivery).
11. How can you incorporate Plenty Reasons into your cooking?
You can enjoy our plant-based products just like their traditional counterparts, straight out of the package or prepared as desired! Our meatless meats can be fried, baked, simmered, and even frozen. They work great as additions to dishes - whether it's a stew, pizza, or tofu scramble, they'll also taste great on a sandwich! The possibilities are endless, but many people still opt for the quickest route to happiness - holding the package in one hand and a fork in the other!
12. What ingredients are in your products?
The base for our products is wheat protein and pea protein - this gives them a satisfying texture and plenty of protein! We don't use artificial flavor enhancers or preservatives. You can find the exact ingredients for each product in its description.
13. Are your products gluten-free?
Most of our products are based on wheat protein, but among them, you'll also find items like Hot Dogs or Mini Wiener Sausages, which do not contain gluten in their ingredients, although they may contain trace amounts.
14. Do your products contain soy?
We use soy flour, soy sauce, and tofu among other ingredients in the production of our products.
15. Why do you use meat names for your products?
Using meat names helps to better understand our products. They act as culinary signposts, indicating their potential uses. This way, it's immediately clear that Meatless Pepperoni can be a great addition to pizza, Meatless Bacon complements a morning breakfast, and Cutlets can be the main dish for a Sunday feast.
16. Why do people who don't eat meat need meat substitutes?
People who don't eat meat do so for a variety of reasons, including ethical, environmental, and health concerns. While some may miss the taste of meat, they still opt for meat substitutes like ours. These products not only cater to culinary preferences but also offer valuable nutritional additions to a plant-based diet. We also consider those reducing their meat intake, offering a wide range of products to suit everyone's needs.
17. Do you supply your products to restaurants and stores?
Of course! If you'd like our products to appear in your restaurant or store, just email us at contact@plentyreasons.com.
18. Do you fulfill custom orders for events such as parties or weddings?
Absolutely! It's great that you're considering us for your rustic wedding table or company barbecue! Since each of these orders needs to be priced individually, please reach out to us at contact@plentyreasons.com.
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